Who is hugh jackman dating

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She posted this on her wall today, I have edited it a bit for obvious reasons.

She's a very reliable source."This comes from the mouths of Capetonian production teams.

She hates sport, smokes and swears like a trooper and drives too fast. Tom Hardy is a nut who hides in his trailer, refuses to work when he's meant to and generally behaved so badly during the filming of Mad Max that Charlize Theron had a blazing on-set row with him, calling him a wanker.

Adam Sandler demanded that the pool at his Johannesburg hotel be completely refurbished as it was one degree too cold (he tests the temp himself and only swims in water that is 28 degrees).

OP, enjoyed the gossip...please feel free to keep posting and don't let the detractors get to you. Sometimes I wonder if they have an agenda and are actually publicists for the celebrities that we discuss. I bet you've got a bridge in Brooklyn you'd like to sell us, too, don't you?

Probably true, except the part of the marriage being a sham.

I mean he is practically a semi-god to many straight men because of being Wolverine.

Don't cry into your coffees, ladies, there are some very happy men out there, and we should be wishing them, and Hugh, well."So there you have it, there can be absolutely no doubt he's gay.

He just needs to stop being a pussy and come out already.

He'd have some splainin' to do if he did ever come out.

At least Clooney could say he never treated the rumors as an insult.

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