Single lausitz

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See the Bill Roush car which first appears at the SCCA Runoffs in November 1974.(Chevron Records: 'R. To Richard Shardlow for WCM 1971: debut BARC 1000 (MN pp12-14,24) co-driven by Terry Croker (DNS).Shardlow decided not to continue with the car (MN p18) and it was returned to the factory and sold to Heinz Derflinger to drive in European 2-litre Championship 1971: debut Wunstorf 15 Aug (MN p6) entered by Hasag.Also Paul Stott and Colin Pool shared a dark blue #5 Plumtree Racing Chevron B19 in the BRDC C2 Championship race at Silverstone on . Described four weeks later at a sprint at Silverstone (MN p5) as "the BDA-powered ex-Miles DART Chevron B19".At the end of that 1989 season, in fact in the paddock at the final race, Pool sold the car to Richard Arnold. John Miles in the DART Chevron B19 at Brands Hatch on . Raced extensively in libre and sprint events in 1972.The narrow roll hoop on this car identifies it as the car loaned by Shierson to Fred Opert for the Mexico 1000 (CP&A p16) which it comfortably won driven by Rudolpho Junco and Freddy Van Buren.Shierson had two cars at Daytona Beach Feb 1972 (MN p9-10) and at Sebring 12 Hours (MN pp12-14) with the newer of the two being driven by Freddy van Beuren/Rudolfo Junco ("an almost brand new car"; Hart aluminium block BDA - MN p9-10).Zaborowski continued racing with a Chevron B21 that he advises was built locally, not at Bolton. To John Bamford to drive in European 2-litre Championship 1971: debut BARC 1000 (MN pp12-14,24) entered by Worcestershire Racing Association and co-driven by John Burton.

I am also very grateful to Jeremy J, Pieter, Steve, Philippe R, Norbert, Paul Vesty, Stuart Davey, Nigel Clark, Rupert Lowes, Simon Du Plessis, Gerald Swan, Peter Collins, Martin Fokkens, Jay Bonvouloir and Pete W Lo Bianco for the use of their photographs. The first B19 on Chevron's records is shown going to Chevron's Italian agent Eris Tondelli.

Used by Shierson to dominate the SCCA Central Division 'B' Sports Racing title in 1971 with teammate Bill Barber finishing second in another Chevron.

Barber was often the quicker of the two but wrecked his Chevron (believed to be the team's B16) at Blackhawk Farms .

Driven by Zaborowski at Nürburgring Interserie race (MN p27; preview MN p23), at Wunstorf , Nürburgring and Nuttlar .

Crashed at ADAC Bergrennen Detmold (Gausekoete) on and Zaborowski advises that it was "totally destroyed".

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