Sexual assault on campus

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Why do they get so squeamish around rape and sexual assaults?This isn’t even about prison, it’s usually about getting kicked out of school or perhaps some adverse publicity.Rather, campus sexual assault is disproportionately in the public eye because federal civil rights law gives students a unique way to seek justice — they can file a complaint with the school, and school officials are legally obligated to investigate.

We don’t doubt that, as with any investigation into misconduct, there are often two sides to the story.

The reality of college life is that it’s still dominated by gender discrimination and the “bro” culture.

Just ask Baylor University where sexual assaults by football players were ignored by the school (although later prosecuted criminally).

Sending such a wrong-headed message about sexual assault just as schools are making progress on their equal rights problem is an irresponsible and potentially dangerous step.

Correction: An earlier version of this editorial erroneously described an apology provided by Candice Jackson, the acting assistant secretary for civil rights in the U. Department of Education, about remarks she made regarding campus sexual assault.

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