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Poultry Breeder / Supplier in Lancashire ref: 9734 Manor Farm Poultry is family run and located in a lovely little village, approx 3 miles from the M55, Junction 3.We are dedicated breeders of Pure & Rare breed poultry.

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A full up to date stock list is available on our website.Clearly, coursework must be the student’s own work, but key skills and concepts can be targeted and the marking criteria highlighted and explained to enable the student to perform to the very best of his/her ability.Exam practice and feedback plays a vital role in helping each student achieve his /her full potential.Breeds: Ayam Cemani, Appenzeller, Andalusian, Araucana, Brahma, Brabanter, Barbu D'Anvers, Barbu D'Grubbe, Faverolles, Hamburg, Lakenvelder, Legbar, Leghorn, Orpingtons, Polands, Pekins, Russian Orloff, Sablepoots, Sebright, Serama, Sulmtaler, Silkies, Sussex, Thuringians, Vorwerks, White Face Spanish, Wyandottes plus a choice of hybrids.Also avaiable Indian Runner Ducks, Call Ducks, Appleyard Ducks & Geese.

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