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He won three individual medals: silver in 1936, and bronze in 19.In September 1939, when the World War II broke out, Luckis, along with many other participants of the 8th Olympiad, decided to stay permanently in Argentina.In March 1927, Markas Luckis name was mentioned for the first time in the Lithuanian newspapers, as a student and one of the six strong chess players invited to play for the title of Kaunas city champion.A ten rounds tournament was held in the office of the Kaunas chess society, from 25 March and until the end of May.

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Luckis played for Lithuania in five official and one unofficial chess olympiads: in July 1931, on the reserve board at the 4th Olympiad in Prague ( 5 -4 =6); in July 1933, on board 4 at the 5th Olympiad in Folkestone ( 3 -4 =1); in August 1935, on the reserve board at the 6th Olympiad in Warsaw ( 8 -2 =6); in August/September 1936, on board 4 at the unofficial Olympiad in Munich ( 9 -2 =9); in July/August 1937, on board 4 at the 7th Olympiad in Stockholm ( 7 -1 =9); in August/September 1939, on board 3 at the 8th Olympiad in Buenos Aires ( 7 -8 =5).In 1929, from 20 October and until the end of November, in the Hercelija hall (on Laisves Aleja 52), Luckis again participated in the Kaunas championship (13 players). In 1931, the championship of Lithuania was held in the Kaunas Chess Union hall (20 January - 8 February).In the 8-player double round robin, Macht won with 11.5/14, ahead of I. Then on 22-27 May, the first Baltic Chess Championship was held in the city of Klaipėda, Lithuania.Macht won with 9.5/11, ahead of Vladas Mikenas (9/11) and Isakas Vistaneckis (6/11). The match Macht - Mikenas ( 6 =4 -4) was held in Kaunas 14 February - 6 May.On 21 November 1932, Emanuel Lasker visited Kaunas. On 31 December 1932 and 1 January 1933, the third Latvia - Lithuania (Riga - Kaunas) New Year match was held in Riga.

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