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M: T20 is still a massive beast, drying with an intense dryness that gushes like that fourth week of Lilith Fair.It is both hefty in mouthfeel and closing, but has a sort of dry depth to it that makes it incredibly drinkable.Belgian style Strong Dark Ale – batch A in red wine barrels 3.

The carb held up beatuifully and there was light lacing at the edges showing its virile life still pumping deep in those acidic veins.Belgian style Pale Ale aged in wine barrels with Brett 5.Sonambic 100% spontaneously fermented ale – this was used to add acidity to the beer.It smells phenomenal albeit completely overboard, not in an acetic fashion, just aggressive in every aspect, zero hint of oxy or age on this. It’s more like seeing that late 30s bartender who is all salty and jaded and you can imagine what a Kelly Kapowski dime piece she used to be.This was probably a complex decadent treat, now the oxy sets in like crows feet making it seem like a dysfunctional Consecration.

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