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These signs started to appear very soon after Trump was elected.

They didn’t start when he instituted the refugee ban.

I’m glad Ubinas and other media sources are covering the lawns of the area.

When David Goss, co-founder of Trump, first started his dating site for supporters of President Donald Trump, he didn’t know how far it would go.

He will soon roll out T-shirts, tote bags and many other items.

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It is a battle between traditional America and non-traditional America.

Most individual provisions, including the lower tax rates, are temporary and would expire, while the corporate rate cut and other business provisions would be permanent.

Stock markets have been rallying for months in anticipation of sharply lower tax rates for corporations, with Wall Street's three major equities indexes closing at record highs on Friday.

The bill would cut the corporate income tax rate to 21 percent from 35 percent and create a 20-percent income tax deduction for owners of "pass-through" businesses, such as partnerships and sole proprietorships.

It would offer a mixed bag for individuals, including middle-class workers, by roughly doubling a standard deduction that does not require itemization, but eliminating or scaling back other popular itemized deductions and exemptions.

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