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Are they real or can science find another answer for what think we see and hear?Enter the fifth dimension and discover the scientific truth behind ghosts.It comes with mysterious clerk and presumed retired spy Ian Philby.Her former literature professor crime hit author Jack Stenning's adopted daughter Tracy wines that he waved her fear that writing a story fitting her nightmarish vision about a ten years old murder, writing a witness survives. Although general heir and claiming she loved Jack despite serial adultery, widow Mary asks the bookstore would be sleuths gang to prove it a murder and solve it.As a critic, I'd have to say (even after my criticisms) that MYSTERY WOMAN is a great 'vehicle' for Kellie, and that I was very entertained and would love to see more installments. "We wish to find the truth, no matter where it lies.

See full summary » Sam lands a job photographing a new spa in Southern California for their brochure and brings her best friend Cassie along to enjoy some pampering. See full summary » After dating hot doctor Ben, "Mystery Woman" Samantha becomes curious about her family medical history so she sets out upstate to fictitious small town; Whiptail, California in search of ...The mysteries and their solutions should be able to be held up to scientifically accurate scrutiny.For the production monies spent, the 'little' discrepancies should not be there (and there were more than a few).They have haunted our imaginations since history has began.In legends and rituals, in monuments and stories, the dead are always there.

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