Mary margaret humes dating

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Now I’m going to be totally honest, I’ll be honest and say no. I think I did watch One Tree Hill, you know maybe a few times only because it was also shot down in Wilmington, so it was kind of nice to see the old locations and Chad Michael was on it and he was a cool kid and a friend.

So I watched it but nothing really compared to Dawsons Creek.

So Mary, let’s get one thing out the way first, were you a team Dawson or a team Pacey girl?! What do you think it was that made it such a success? I think it was so successful because it was Kevin Williamson’s voice.

So we got the venue a little bit late and we snuck in and Cher had given us front row centre, which I had no idea, and in the concert people started recognising us and Michelle got very nervous and grabbed my hand and said “I don’t want to go out afterwards.” So we got back to the hotel and hopped in bed and watched TV.

I mean that’s Michelle, that was a little private thing with her.

I mean James was Dawson and Joey was Kevin’s best friend when they were growing up.

The writing was just so personal and when you make something so personal it touches the heartstrings and it becomes more universal and the writing was smart and James and Katie were so pure and their acting was so untainted.

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