Late night sex chating

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As he fell forward, his hand had gotten tangled in her robe.Having just gotten out of the shower, when she heard her husband trying to open the door with his key, she had pulled on her long bath robe, and had come down to let him in.You couldn't say we were friends, but we did talk from time to time, but just about school stuff.After graduation I went off to college to become a computer programmer not knowing what had happened to her.

Wishing he would just shut up, I just kept driving, not saying a word.

I meet him at his place after work, where he changed his clothes then he scribbled a note to his wife.

Telling me that his wife was at the Church, helping out with their vacation bible school.

As the game played on, his state went from drunk to shit faced, and as the game ended, our team losing, I began to shuffle him back to my car, happy that this night was about over. He was a friendly, talkative drunk and gave me his whole life story on the thirty minute drive, even telling me about how timid his wife was. We barely knew each other and yet here he was telling me how hot she was, and how she is in great shape, as she went to the gym three times a week.

Ryan so drunk that he could barely stand, having to grab onto me to steady himself several times. Then complaining about how boring in the sack she was, never allowing him to try anything new, that they always had sex in the same position and she wouldn't even let him leave the lights on when they did it.

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