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ASUS Smart Doctor Download: [download#201#image] For the needs of this article, I used Smart Doctor for one thing: the GPU voltage.Smart Doctor is not really handy for setting values: sliders are no very precise and then it’s rather difficult to set an exact value for GPU voltage, GPU core clock or memory speed.

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The goal is to find among your applications set, the OC setting that is stable for the whole set.For example, in this OC session, my applications set includes Fur Mark, 3DMark11, Ungine Heaven 2.1 and Crysis.As you’ll see in the second part, some OC settings are stable for 3DMark11 but not for Unigine Heaven or for Fur Mark…As you will see it, there is no absolute OC settings.An OC setting can work for a certain 3D app while it will fail for another.

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