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A number of these works are in English, including Norman Davies's , translated by E. As a small sampling of the Library's extensive holdings on the history of the Polish American community, the following key works are available in the ERR: Miecislaus Haiman's classic , compiled by P. Kopalinski (Warsaw: Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy, 1975). Poland's distinguished bibliographic tradition is reflected in the ERR collection by the Estreicher family's classic 40-volume (Wroclaw: Zaklad Narodowy im. First published in 1584, the work concerns the duties of Polish kings and rulers up to Sigismund August. Ossolinskich, 1966); Janina Hoskins's Early and Rare Polonica of the 15th-17th Centuries in American Libraries: A Bibliographical Survey (Boston: G. Hall, 1973); Jan Wepsiec's (Lublin: Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski, 1976-1988). Older newspapers are microfilmed and accessible in the Newspaper and Current Periodicals Reading Room in the Madison Building. A handsome engraved frontispiece depicts the great Polish and European hero, Jan Sobieski. Roughly 200 Polish titles are listed in the guide to the Library's microfilmed East European newspapers. The Library does not acquire in the fields of clinical medicine and agriculture. Below are listed in general thematic categories some of the Division's holdings of potential interest to Polish researchers. Furthermore, the collection contains Jefferson's 12 letters to (and 40 letters about) Kosciuszko, as well as correspondence (16 letters) with Julian Niemcewicz, Kosciuszko's aide-de-camp in the 1794 Insurrection and a friend of the first three American presidents. This is a collection of 4,000 items of the Polish-born social historian, Pan-Slavist, and author of important works on slavery, the American Civil War, and U. And within three decades, its borders were redrawn and shifted some 100 miles to the west. " For the Polish specialist, the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division's most important research asset is its extensive collection of German archival films, including several thousand feature films, newsreels, and shorts captured by the allied forces in World War II.Scholarly works of a generic nature that do not contribute substantively to the body of human knowledge as a rule also are not collected. A sequence of twenty poems in Polish, translated into English by the poet. Consequently, many of the maps covering the territory of present- day Poland are filed with materials from Germany/Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Russian Empire. A large share of these films pertain to Poland, and although frequently propagandistic in tone, they provide an important visual record of German-Polish relations before and during the Third Reich. Archiv in Munich contains many powerful images of life in occupied Poland, including a photograph titled (A Look Inside a Polish Prison Camp).Thus, most textbooks and works on scientific phenomena that do not pertain uniquely to Poland do not fall within the acquisition profile of the Library. Includes a portrait of the poet in dry-point engraving. The Division's extensive collection of topographic series maps embraces the entire territory of interwar Poland on a scale of 0,000. Listed below in chronological order are some of the German Collection's more interesting titles as presented in the card catalog. In addition, the American Film Institute Collection includes a number of Yiddish-language films produced in Poland in the 1930s and 1940s. P&P also houses an excellent collection of about 3,000 Polish posters, including some extremely rare pieces, such as one by Poland's first professional poster artist, Tadeusz Gronowski, hailing Pilsudski's victory over Soviet forces.

Through a variety of acquisition channels -- purchases, institutional exchanges, transfers from other U. Government agencies, copyright deposits, and gifts -- the Library has amassed one of the world's major Polish collections, including nearly 150,000 books in the Polish language alone. The set was presented to President Coolidge as a testimonial of the gratitude and friendship of the Polish people for the United States on the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. This is a collection of 1,500 reports, memoranda, statistical studies, and correspondence concerning Poland assembled by this one-time Illinois Congressman who served as financial adviser to the Polish government. Among the 7,500 documents of this former Congressman from Connecticut are manuscripts describing the economic, political, and social conditions in Poland from 1945 to 1980 and a report based on interviews of Polish-born soldiers who served in the German army before 1944. This 300,000-item collection of papers covers most aspects of the long and eventful career of one of the century's great statesmen and includes a number of documents pertaining to Poland, e.g., the Katyn Forest massacre and the Yalta Conference. Among the correspondents of this soldier/newspaperman/private secretary to Benjamin Harrison was the beautiful Polish actress, Helena Modjeska, who enjoyed enormous popularity in the U. The Geography and Map Division has custody of 2,750-3,000 single maps filed as Polish.

Complementing Sulimierski's work is Stanislaw Rospond's , also available in the ERR.

Reflecting the strengths of the Library's overall Polonica collection, the ERR Polish shelves contain more titles on history than any other subject. The ERR also provides a good starting point for a study of the history and contributions of the once thriving Jewish community of Poland. All of these works contain extensive bibliographies.

Two recent acquisitions of particular interest to Polish historians (available in the Microform Reading Room in the Jefferson Building) are , a collection of 92 reels of microfilm from the Central Military Archives in Warsaw. The Polish single and series maps collections contain regional, national, provincial, county, and city maps--some so detailed as to indicate individual buildings and houses. While bibliographic control of the Music Division's holdings (now estimated at more than eight million pieces) is being automated, the card catalogs in the Music Reading Room provide the most comprehensive access, particularly to material in special collections. Another treasure, the Paderewski collection, includes the second draft of his Minuet in G, Opus 14.

The latter includes letters, memoranda, policy papers of the Polish Cabinet of Ministers, the Minister of Defense, the General Staff, and other high military bodies; most of the documents deal with the early Cold War period (1945-55), but some records extend into the 1960s, and there are plans to film material from World War II and from the interwar period. The collections offer splendid examples of every cartographic genre--annotated road maps, maps of inland waterways, mineral deposits, historic sites, battlefields, ethnic and linguistic groups, forests, precipitation. A superb example of the engraving art of Willem Hondius of Gdansk, the plate was sold to the Polish crown in 1652. Considering the composer's stature, it is not surprising that the works of Frederic Chopin are among the Division's most valued possessions, comprising his collected works, numerous first editions of individual pieces, and the autographed scores of his Mazurka in B minor, Opus 33, no. Autograph scores by Karol Szymanowski, Tadeusz Kassern, Krzysztof Penderecki, Henryk Wieniawski, Tadeusz Jarecki, and numerous less known composers also are available.

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