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It is now used more widely on the Internet, with any sort of public Q&A being termed an AMA. What It Means: Urban Dictionary says Bae is a Danish word for poop.Unfortunately, the Internet thinks it’s a term of endearment: either an acronym for “before anyone else” or a shortening of “babe”.The longest canal in the world, the Grand Canal—like the Great Wall of China—was assembled over many years from smaller, existing pieces to facilitate commerce and war preparations.With the oldest sections dating back to the 5th century BC, it extends over 1,100 miles (1,800km) north to Beijing, ranking it with the Great Wall as one of China’s most impressive (but not as well known) engineering feats.Most often, it’s used to explain science or technology in layman’s terms.Big on Reddit and discussion forums, not so big on other forms.

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For example: What It Means: The first time you see “dafuq” on the Internet, you might think it’s a legitimate word. Let not the logic of five characters being better than three characters bother you, weary Internet traveller. It’s especially useful for sharing information you don’t want to post in public, like your phone number or address.“DM” is slowly becoming the default way of telling someone to message you privately, much like “PM” in the past for personal message/private message.For example: What It Means: When someone gives a complex explanation for an event and you need them to dumb it down for you, ask them to “explain it like I’m 5 years old”, or ELI5.The Chinese love to make blanket generalizations about people based on where they’re from.One of their many proverbs says that, one should “marry in Suzhou, live in Hangzhou, eat in Guangzhou, and die in Liuzhou.” Similarly, when I lived in Taiwan, guys there would tell me that their dream was to marry a Japanese girl, drive a German car, and live in a big American house.

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