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Under her leadership, staff numbers have been dramatically right-sized as the Office moves toward a model that more closely resembles an efficient business.“We hear a lot of talk about doing more with less and my Office is doing just that.It passed the City Council by a vote of 49-1, no easy task in the face of out of state opposition from well-funded puppy mill industry lobbyists.Inspired by Clerk Mendoza’s groundbreaking legislation, Cook County followed the City’s lead enacting its own ban.These improvements in technology have delivered more than .5 million in new, sustainable annual revenue, which is dedicated to maintaining and improving City streets and alleys.

Calling the Office of the Chicago City Clerk was once a frustrating customer service experience that often yielded no results for the caller.Clerk Mendoza has been a strong and independent advocate for Chicagoans (and their pets).Highlighted below are just some of the accomplishments under her direction and vision since becoming City Clerk in May of 2011.Approximately 1,500 to 2,500 pieces of legislation are referred or passed at each of the monthly City Council meetings.To help taxpayers connect with their aldermen and track legislation, Clerk Mendoza created the first-ever online City Council News Central at

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