Consolidating contracting services

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Eventually they would hand over the reigns to second-tier managers and go sit on a beach somewhere. While the initial sale of stock for cash was great for the original company owners, things soon began deteriorating.

Some consolidators changed the scope of business by focusing on growth through acquisition.

We work with broad spectrum of clients, including international organizations, national governments, civil society, and other private companies covering the MENA region.

Our unique partnership with several multinational companies enables us to transfer technology advancements according to the clients’ market demands.

As a deadline-driven team, we’ve been known to shave considerable time from our new construction schedules. We have a solid reputation for delivering on a broad spectrum of different profile renovation projects efficiently.

We operate with an old-fashioned get-it-done sort of mindset and incorporate this mindset in all we do, including how we manage our subcontractor teams and schedule our projects from start to finish. These simple and traditional values have served us and our clients well, resulting with additional sales weeks for our clients and job security for us. Learn More Pre-qualification of our subcontractors, both union and non, has helped to reinforce how we perform on our own construction schedules for tenant build-outs and all our new construction and renovation projects, turning many of our projects over to our clients expeditiously. We helped customize and implement an accelerated construction schedule program for one of our high-volume renovation clients, turning 2000 – 2600 square foot stores in less than 10 days. We understand the total customer experience, as well as the bottom line.

Whether tenant or owner in the agreement, Choice Traditions can complete both the tenant build-out scope and the landlord scope. Unique skillsets and familiarity with multiple brand kiosk builds gives us an added edge and niche.

We’re capable of kiosk manufacturing & installation in a variety of environments and locations including malls and airports.

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Driven by excellence in execution, GCC team’s ultimate goal is to deliver values and benefiting the communities we serve.Did the consolidators know some of these things going into the buyouts? But many just got caught up in the frenzy to sign the top “performers” — the well known names —like so many music producers.In the desire to beat out the competition for acquisition, many closed a blind eye to some of the potential pitfalls that come with trying to herd fiercely independent individuals.” Or is there something deeper at the root of why, so far, none of the consolidated contracting firms have emerged clear leaders?To date, I don’t think any have reached the point of stability — or profitability that they’ve hoped for.

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