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Action Fraud The UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre: Telephone: 03 Police fraud alerts To avoid being scammed and find out how to spot frauds: Read , an informative online guide by the Metropolitan Police: version at: Scamsmart is a campaign set up by the Financial Conduct Authority to help prevent people being taken in by unsolicited investment offers.Freephone: Scamsmart has a warning list where you can check investments you've been The BBC has an interactive scams guide which includes video: ​​Citizens Advice has a section on its website for Scams Awareness Month (July 2017).UK energy policy since the 2008 Energy Act through to July 2015 has been built around reducing CO emissions rather than security of supply or cost.In 2010-11 the price of renewable energy certificates doubled the price or electricity from those sources – an increasing proportion, including imports – more than one-quarter.In the late 1990s, nuclear power plants contributed around 25% of total annual electricity generation in the UK, but this has gradually declined as old plants have been shut down and ageing-related problems affect plant availability.

They say they'll 'fix' the non-existent issue - for a fee.

Net electricity imports – mostly nuclear – were 17.5 TWh, comprising 9.7 TWh from France, 7.3 TWh from the Netherlands, and 0.5 TWh net was exported to Ireland. A further 2000 MW connection to Normandy was approved in September 2016 to enable the import of French nuclear power from 2022.

In 2015 the France link ran at 81% capacity and the Netherlands one at 91%.

38% came from European pipelines, 35% of which was from Russia.

The remaining 17% was imported in liquefied form on tankers, mainly from Qatar.

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