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And every visit will be a new experience as new rides catch the attention of visitors.

“The parking lot, I think, is going to be its own fun place to walk through,” Bell said. My car’s sitting in the garage and never gets driven because I don’t have anywhere to go.

“We both remembered from our past that we enjoyed building pinewood derby cars when we were kids.

And other people associate it with the Kentucky Derby, which we thought, ‘OK, American classic comfort food.

I think we’re going to be an excuse for people to get their cars out of the garage, drive down to The Shop and get a good bite to eat and meet other people and talk to them about what they love.” Bell gives credit to the resiliency that it took to be involved in early-stage tech startups, saying it prepared him for getting his new business off the ground — with one noticeable difference.

“When I talked to people about any of the startups I was involved in in the past, you kind of get the, ‘Hmm, that sounds like a good idea.’ People would scratch their chin and be nice and give you some positive feedback that it could work. ’ “The passion and the enthusiasm for this idea has been a really positive reinforcement to keep going and to make it happen.

“With the Seattle technology crowd and a lot of people living downtown with very limited parking, I think we’ll be a good option for people who like high-performance …

tricking out their toys or their rides and having a place to do it.” Bell also touts the So Do location of The Shop as a big bonus for future members and visitors with its easy access from I-5 and downtown.

He connected with Stowell because he said he wanted The Shop to have really good food and be the centerpiece of what brings people together — “So, I went to the best.” “We came up with Derby because both of us wanted it to be appealing to both a food and car audience,” Bell said of the restaurant name brainstorm.

While access to many aspects of the business will be reserved for those who pay a 0 monthly membership fee, the restaurant and bar will be open to the public.

“I’ve been a car and motorcycle enthusiast my entire life, and I’ve always wanted something like this,” Bell said.

He also ran sales at a series of companies that were fronted by Madrona Venture Group and Ignition Partners, including startups such as Source Labs, Azaleos and Skytap.

“My last day officially as the CEO of a software company was yesterday,” Bell told Geek Wire on Wednesday about wrapping up his career at a small company called Modern Systems.

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