A brief introduction to the old testament coogan online dating

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A small amount of attention is given to the concerns of feminist criticism by providing a short section on the women of the Exodus.Chapter 7 covers Exodus 16–24, Israel’s travel from Egypt to Sinai.In this section 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, Psalm 89, Amos, Hosea, 2 Chronicles 29–36, Isaiah 1–39, Micah, Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Jeremiah are surveyed.In Part Five, chapters 20–21, the exile and return are treated.Each of these chapters covers the typical historical-critical issues found in each book and their ANE parallels are noted and compared.In Part Four, chapters 13–19, the period of the monarchy to the exile are analyzed.Michael Coogan is Lecturer in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Harvard Divinity School and Director of Publications for the Harvard Semitic Museum.

is to provide an up-to-date, student-friendly introduction to the literature of the Jewish Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament.

There he makes explicit his view that the covenant in Deuteronomy follows Assyrian treaty forms. He interprets the holiness laws through the various lenses of concerns for health, cultural differentiation, cultural definitions of order (à la Mary Douglas), and relationship to sex and death.

The final chapters of Part Three are straightforward. In this chapter he includes another short section on how women were affected by Israelite law and ritual.

In this section Coogan focuses on the origins of Israel.

While Coogan is clearly committed to using source analysis, he is honest in admitting that source criticism alone cannot account for the meaning of all the material.

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